Los Angeles Maf Club

About the club

The Los Angeles MAF Club finally found the permanent home at 3341 Cahuenga Boulevard West, Hollywood CA 90068. The MAFIA games are played simultaneously in 2 professional red and black rooms in Russian, English and Armenian every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. The club also offers an intellectual game of "What?Where?When?" ("Что?Где?Когда?") every Thursday.

The Los Angeles MAF Club closed its last season on August 4, 2018. Ten players with the best overall rating played final 8 games to determine the best player of the season. All final games were very competitive and very entertaining. Natalia Hagopjanian was announced the best player or the Don of the club and will have all privileges in the 2018-2019 season. Traditionally, the Don cannot be eliminated during the first day or the first night of the new season. The Don is also allowed to request an additional minute for his speech during the game. This can be requested only one time per game. 

Artur Grigoryan became the best new member of the club earning his place iamong ten best players during his first year of club membership. He also earned his place in The Hall of Fame as the Best Black Player and the Best Don of the season. The other Hall-of-Famers were Naira Oganesyan, as the Best Red Player and Mikayel Ayrapetyan as The Best Sheriff.


The Los Angeles Maf Club was established in May of 2001 and was the very first professional club in the US. It started with 20 members. More than 2000 players participated in Maf games in this club since the first season. Every player receives individual rating even if he or she is not a permanent member of the Maf Club.


In 2018-2019 season, the Maf Club membership returns to its original roots of multi-level benefits.

The Guest Card$10 per day entry card. The guests are allowed to the main lounge and viewing rooms of the club. However, if guests desire to play any of the offerred games, they must elevate their Guest Card to the simple Daily Membership.
The Daily Membership$40 per day entry card. These members are allowed to participate in all games for one day. If a member desires to elevate the daily membership to a monthly membership wihtin the same week, then payments for the daily membership will be credited toward the next level.
The Gold Membership: $250 per month. These members are allowed to participate in all games for one month every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Considering at least 12 playing nights per month, the cost of this membership is less than $21 per night. In addition, these members are allowed to all other clubs of the MAF CLUB system for free. All members also receive a personal lockbox in the club, where they keep their personal belongings (e.g. personal Mafia mask, Cuban cigars, or a bottle of very expensive cognac). Guests, invited by Gold members, are still required to purchase a guest card for the entry to the club.
The VIP Membership: $350 per month. In addition to all benefits of the Gold membership, VIP members are allowed to reserve any room of the club for their private events up to 2 hours per day free of charge (limited to up to 3 events per month). VIP members also get a free monthly parking next to the MAF Club (non VIP members can purchase the same monthly parking for $25/month). In addition, VIP members are allowed to bring two guests per night free of charge. These guests are even allowed to play games free of charge for two nights. However, if these guests desire to play regularly, they must purchase a Membership.

Playing couples receive combined 10% discount for the membership. Suspicious players who annouce a false relationship just for the sake of saving these 10%, will require to proove their relationship in front of the whole club. Thus, they will be checked at night not only by the Sheriff.