7th Annual MAF World Cup
16 Aug 2018
MAF World Cup in Las Vegas is an open annual tournament for all MAFIA players around the World. It's the only MAFIA tournament, where winners receive monetary prize. The best player is recognized as The DON and awarded a uniquely designed bracelet.

The Best players from Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Vancouver, Kiev, Yerevan and Miami participated in the 7th MAF World Cup. Each participant played 8 games in the first round on August 16, 17 and 18. The best 20 players played 3 more games in the second round on August 18. And the best 10 players played the FINAL game on August 18 at 11 pm. The award ceremony and the post-Award Gala took place immediately after the FINAL game. The best five players split the monetary prize.

It was a surprising opening day, when Mafia won 7 out of 10 days. But the "red" players demonstrated a very strong game on the second and third day of the tournament, winning 18 out of 25 games. The Final game represented the same trend: Citizens won despite of three players opening up as Sheriffs.

Vardan Sargsyan from Los Angeles Maf Club was able to improve on his last years second prize, winning the bracelet of the Don this year. The other players winning monetary prizes were: 2nd - Naira Oganesyan (Los Angeles), 3rd - George Sarkisov (New York), 4th - Armen Apoyan (Los Angeles), and 5th - Igor Babichev (Siberian Canuck) from Vancouver.