2nd WILD WILD WEST Mafia Cup
15 Feb 2019
The 2nd WILD WILD WEST Mafia Cup will take place at the home of the Los Angeles MAF CLUB.

50 players from will participate in the 2nd WILD WILD WEST Mafia Cup. Each registered participant will play 8 games in the first round. The best 10 players will play 3 more games in the Final round. The entry fee is $125.

The WINNER of the 2nd WILD WILD WEST Mafia Cup wil be awarded the GOLD BADGE OF SHERIFF ($1,000 value) and the certificate for entry to the 8th Annual MAF World Cup in Las Vegas ($525 value). 


(SIC!) This is not a final registration. We will send you an email with payment and booking information.

The registration fee is $125 for participation in the tournament.

To complete the registration, please, create an account or authorize on MafPortal and complete a ticket purchase in the shop.