1st US Open Mafia Championship
17 May 2019
The long awaited 1st US Open Mafia Championship took place in the Capital of the World - New York.

Four Maf clubs across the country - New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago - sent 20 players to participate in the 1st Open US Mafia Championship. There were five more guest players from independent clubs, even from Kharkiv, Ukraine. 

20 games were played in Manhattan, the heart of New York, but the final games were played at the Gatsby Club, the home of the Maf Club New York, in the heart of Russian speaking community in Brooklyn. 

Dior Yusupov from Maf Club New York became the first Champion of the US. The 2nd and 3rd prizes were won by represantatives of Maf Club Los Angeles - Dina Petrosyan and Oleg Ponomarenko.