New club members in the MAF system
01 Oct 2018
Welcome to the family! Maf Club Kiev, Maf Club Odessa and Maf Club New York are new members of the system.

Maf Club proudly announces the newest additions into our big family of clubs: Maf Club Kiev, Maf Club Odessa and Maf Club New York. Interestingly enough, Maf Club Yerevan and Maf Club Kiev (formerly known as Mafия Сlub) are two of the oldest clubs in Mafia game movement. The first one was born in Yerevan, Armenia, the other - in Kiev, Ukraine. Both independently grew into major organizations in Mafia game world. The decision of these clubs to join efforts under the trademark of Maf Club is made for the improvement of the Mafia game and spreading the network of Mafia game lovers. We all are very excited about this move and hope to see more established clubs around to world to join us.