Maf Club Committees
14 Feb 2020
Official Maf Club Committees

Maf Club Organizing Committee

Maf Club Organizing Committee is responsible for further development of the system. The committee defines and establishes the number of official tournaments of the system. It reviewes and approves applications for new clubs and tournaments. It reviews and changes as necessary official rules of the game and rating of players.

Armen Hagopjanian, President of Maf Club Corporation                                              

Ruben Jaghinyan, President of Maf Club system

Hakob Rubinyan, Chairman of Maf Clubs of America

Shavarsh Vardanyan, Regional Manager of Armenia and Russia

Sergey Jaghinyan, Regional Manager of Moscow

Tatyana Golubeva, Regional Manager of Europe

George Sarkisov, Regional Manager of New York city and State

Akif Mammadli, Regional Manager of Chicago and State of Illinois

Mariia Kharakhash, Regional Manager of Miami and State of Florida

Armen Apoyan, Regional Manager of the State of California

Taras Sakhno, Founder and Manager of Maf Club San Duego


Maf Club Disciplinary Committee

Maf Club Disciplinnary Committee reviewed official complaints and conflicting situations during tournaments and regular club games. All red cards and any unethical conduct of a player is automatically reviewed by this committee. This committee has a right to place a temporary or permanent ban on a player(s) for participation in tournaments or any Maf Club events.

Hakob Rubinyan, Chairman of Maf Clubs of America

Dior Yusupov, The First US Champion

Ishkhan Mardyan, The Winner of the 8th Maf World Cup in Las Vegas

Gor Musinyan, 4th Magister of Maf Club system


Maf Club Judicial Committee

Maf Club Judicial Committee is responsible for training and certification of judges (hosts).

Anton Martinchuk, Chairman of Maf Club Judicial Committee

Pavel Lagutin, Founder and Director of Black Cat Maf Club

Alexey Kodesnikov, Founder of Maf Club Chicago