Evaluation and other nuances of the game

There is no tactic that 100% guarantees a victory in Mafia. You should take into account many nuances, such as specificities of the club, its rules, experience of players at the table, your ability to make decisions at key moments of the game. In this article, you will learn how to be more productive in such situations and what nuances you should consider to increase your chances of winning.

Evaluate the experience

Do not hesitate to ask others about their Mafia experience. If you are just a beginner, do not be afraid to ask questions. If you are an experienced player, be patient and explain everything in details. It will benefit you too when one day this newbie will be a part of your team, and you will not lose just because of his mistakes and confusions. In addition to the main idea of the game, pay attention to explaining the rules and goals of each round.

When there are beginners on a critical round, make sure they understand what is going on.  Tell them about the possible outcomes of this round and how to handle it. The rules of Mafia are complex, so be patient in your explanations and accept that it is impossible to understand all the nuances in one day.

Know the rules

Even if you are an experienced player, make sure that you know the rules of the club in which you are going to play. The essence and main points of Mafia are the same everywhere, but some nuances vary from club to club. The obvious in one place will not be so obvious in another one.

Clarify what gestures are acceptable in this club. There is a story that shows how such little things matter: during the night scene one Mafia player put his hand on the girl's lap, trying to indicate who is the next victim. The girl was not very enthusiastic about the gesture and left the table. There are things that are obvious for some players and that will not make sense for others, especially if those people are from different cities or even countries. Some gestures are not very appropriate in relation to strangers, especially to the opposite sex. Try to clarify such rules before starting the game.


Balance is a game solution that allows extending the game for another round. It can happen only once during the game. Remember that one Citizen can affect the outcome of the whole game. If at least one Citizen is eliminated, then every next day will be considered critical, because the Black team will need only one more red voice to win.

The balance is a tool that can guarantee elimination of a player from the opposite team. For instance, the situation with two Sheriffs, when the table is basically divided between two teams, and players of the both leave the table. Others examples:

1. The black players that were checked by two different Sheriffs (true and false) leave one after the other.

2. At first, the black player that was checked by the Sheriff leaves the table, and then the Sheriff is eliminated too.

3. The Sheriff is eliminated, and then his black check leaves.

Some players do not like the balance, because it seems like a strategy for players who, instead of conscious decisions, simply prefer to sacrifice one Citizen. You should remember about taking responsibility when voting during the balance, and try not to stick with it and use other strategies as well.


The balance is often confused with a counterweight. If the balance is a guarantee to prolong the game for one more round, then during the counterweight it might not happen, but in both cases, you will be able to eliminate players from two teams. Examples of the counterweigh:

1. When the Sheriff is already out of the game.

2. A tough conflict between two players. Some people think if two players do not argue, it indicate that they both are Mafia. But it can happen with two red players too.

3. Voting for the players who caused elimination of someone in the previous round. This situation is called swing.

Evaluation when making decisions

Before voting, be sure to evaluate what tactic and scheme the table is playing at the moment, who is about to leave the game. For example, if you are sure that the 1st player is Mafia, but others want to vote against another participant, support them. Your single vote during the critical round will not matter. Make sure that the Reds listen to each other and vote together as a team. Count the possible votes and only after that make a reasonable choice.