Conflicts in Mafia

Conflicts are essential in Mafia, and you should not be afraid of it. Originally this psychological game was created as a training for developing the most effective behavior in conflict situations. The very essence of the game is based on mutual accusations and controversy. Conflicts can happen not only between rivals, but also between members of the same team.

The competitive spirit also adds a special flair to the relationship between the players. Tournaments and championships make you very nervous, and at such moments it is important to manage your emotions and be able to stay calm during conflicts. All people have different personalities, ways of speaking, gestures – and this is normal. Your opinion about a player should not be based on his personality, but on his actions during the current game.

You need to get used to the fact that all speeches in the game are estimated. Just accept that you always will be evaluated and criticized. Only weak players are offended by that, they take it personally and respond in a rude way. Do not take everything close to the heart. In order to become a good player you need to understand the context of the game, its atmosphere and respect roles of other players.

It is important to conduct a discussion properly, speak out only when it is your turn, and do not interrupt others. Unfortunately, many clubs do not have time for a proper discussion, during which participants explain their actions using arguments and evaluate the game and other players. This attitude helps players to grow. In such games usually the strongest team wins, and not just the loudest one. Such discussions help you to learn how other people think and perceive information, and you expand your own horizons of perception.

How to resolve conflicts effectively

1. Praise before scolding. Make a compliment to your opponent and try to mention his strong traits, do not focus only on his weak sides. This will allow another player to analyze his own behavior, and you will have a chance to see all the pros and cons as well.

2. Pay attention to the actions, not to the personality. Avoid generalizations like "you are always" or "you never".

3. Do not interrupt others. Your goal is not only to be heard, but also to hear what others say.

4. Express your opinion to a certain individual. Do not involve other players in your conflict. Three players attacking one is a completely wrong move, it is absolutely unethical not only in the game, but in life as well.

5. Learn to apologize and to accept an apology. Accepting your mistakes and asking for forgiveness is a sign of maturity. If someone has offended you and then apologized, take it no matter how insulting it was, and even if you do not consider yourself being wrong. What do you lose doing it? If someone misunderstood you and got offended, calmly explain what did you really mean by that.

6. If you are overwhelmed, try to put all your emotions and thoughts in one sentence. For example, someone makes you angry. What do you really want to say: "You are a narcissistic idiot, your criticism is dumb." Then exhale and change your sentence to this one: "You're wrong." Be sure to add arguments why do you think that person is wrong. If your emotions are too strong, just pause and find a way to express your anger in another way, do not keep it inside, because eventually it will cause a fight anyway.

7. If someone is rude to you, imagine that you are a sieve that removes dirt from the gold. All the dirt goes away and there are only real arguments left. Do not get into a fight, let your companion calm down.

8. If a serious conflict is happening in front of you, try to distract the participants with something positive. If that trick does not work out, the best way is just to ignore this situation. Think of a child who fell down. He will calm down only if you will not pay attention to that fact and continue your activities.

What to do if a serious conflict is happening? Firstly, never leave the game in an aggressive mode. It will ruin your mood for the next few days, and the following games will be more stressful for you. Try to get out of the situation and resolve it before leaving the table even if it is requires an apology and a difficult conversation. Secondly, try to treat everyone with a tolerance and develop flexibility in your own behavior. There are should be no participant with whom you refuse to play. Such conflicts create difficulties for both you and the organizers.

The best way to forget a conflict is to start a new game. Do not stick to old negative feelings and unpleasant experiences, just go ahead and get a new experience. Conflicts in this game cannot be avoided, even if you are the kindest person in the world, but your right attitude can help you to go smoothly through it and fully enjoy the game.